5 new metal bands out of the ordinary you should listen to

Over the years, heavy metal and its subgenres face radical changes; with the deaths of great exponents such as Lemmy Kilmister, the announcement of farewell tours as in the case of Black Sabbath and Aerosmith, both fans and artists wonder and debate whether it will be possible for groups of the same caliber and importance to exist in the following years. To tell you the truth, lately there has been a huge amount of quality content by new groups and others already established in this musical genre and its aspects.

Here are a handful of cool projects you can’t ignore:


This progressive metal band is a bomb about to explode within the world stage, its melodic passages made with excellence, memorable choruses; the contrast they achieve with devastating riffs and verses full of aggression, transcend over the psyche of the listener.

Each song is full of interesting nuances and changes, without ever losing the cohesion between the songs.



The Five Hundred

This quintet from Nottingham, masterfully executes a soundtrack full of power and aggression. By merging styles such as Death Metal, Djent, and Groove Metal, the band manages to make each of their songs have a unique character. It is a group with great potential and with a fresh proposal for those looking for something different in the genre, with contagious choruses and vocal melodies, devastating breakdowns and riffs full of power.




One of the most respected black metal bands in recent years has left a standard of quality within the genre since the release of their debut album “Roads to Judah”, in 2011.

The band is present through a dark nature, where the ethereal and the elegant merge with heartbreaking screams and heavy rhythms, creating fascinating atmospheres in which harmony and dissonances look in a beautifully unsettling way.



Moon Tooth

This band plays a music with unusual structures accompanied by frantic and memorable guitar melodies that evoke the feeling of rock and classical blues, poetic lyrics guided by vocal lines full of dynamism and intensity and rhythmic patterns out of the ordinary. This New York band is a must-have member of any lover’s playlist of hard rock, metal or progressive rock.



Black Crown Initiate

Black Crown Initiate is a band that doesn’t settle for any kind of defined standard: they furiously unload devastating and brutal riffs and drum sections that interspersed with beautiful guitar melodies that progress naturally like a symphony. They unleash gutturals that roar and rumble in the room and contrast with clean voices.



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