On the off chance that you needed to hear more ladies metal groups… you’re in the perfect spot. Since the commencement of Metal there have been various groups driven by females who have had success in the metal scene; be that as it may, not many have stayed active until the present time (however every one of them of high caliber). In spite of the fact that women have slowly taken on more protagonist roles in metal, there is a long way to go still, but we are in the right path.



IGNEA is a Ukrainian melodic metal band with an advanced sound, blending hefty riffs in with synchonic, electronic and people components that make an amazing experience. Remaining consistent with the melodic embodiment of it’s music, IGNEA likewise adds dashes of fierceness every so often fusing extraordinary vocals and touchy rhythms.



The band’s name is gotten from Asag, an evil spirit from Sumerian folklore, and Raum, in German for “room”.

Initially a worldwide venture situated in the Netherlands and Norway. It turned into a Band situated in Holland after drummer T.Kolsvart left the band in 2017.


Frantic Amber


Frantic Amber is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Stockholm founded in 2008 by Mary S.fstrand. The group claims to be multicultural, with the presence of Swedish, Danish, but also Japanese and Colombian members.


Burning Witches


The band Burning Witches was established throughout the spring of 2015 in Brugg, delightful Switzerland, by guitarist Romana Kalkuhl. It’s constantly been her great dream to perform with a metal band of women in front of an audience.

During university music studies she had already formed her first band: ATLAS & AXIS with which she has already recorded two albums and given several concerts.